Sunday, February 04, 2007

Let the Chaos Begin

I believe most of us by now are in violent agreement that the shape of business is changing for the 21st century. This is an age of rampant unpredictability where stars are born (and fizzle out) overnight. No one knows when the next startup with a 20-year-old CEO will invent an entire industry or when the next stalwart 20th century empire will crumble. But now we all know that it is possible (if not probable), and that it can happen anytime, anywhere. Hence, we are all faced with a choice: to embrace and attempt to leverage the chaos or to ignore it and hope it blows over.

This blog is dedicated to those of us who have chosen to face the beast head-on, those of us who believe it is here for a reason and is here to stay, those of us who are compelled to study it with the goal of understanding it, taming it and, ultimately, harnessing its power to use to our advantage. We understand that its power is fierce and nondiscriminatory, and that this presents despair for the meek but opportunity for the bold. We understand that we brought this chaos upon ourselves through our own innovation and that its path will be influenced by our continued innovation. And as innovation requires change--breaks from the norm, divergent thinking, non-conforming attitudes, creativity--we are the change agents, and with the power of change at our fingertips we will move mountains.

In this blog I will explore the immutable forces of chaos acting upon every company and attempt to offer insights into how this chaos can be leveraged to defy the threats it imposes and capitalize on the opportunities it uncovers. Those individuals that understand these forces will be poised to become heroes, and companies poised to rocket to the top of their markets. Those that do not will watch in bewilderment as their careers and businesses (slowly or quickly, but assuredly) burn out and fall to the ground.

The playing field has been leveled and we all have been given uniforms but we must each decide for ourselves whether to play the game. I hope you'll suit up and stay with me as I explore this fascinating new world of unprecedented uncertainty...and opportunity.

Let the chaos begin...


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